INNERSPACE use Veca profile PVCU windows.

If you are currently having your loft conversion built by INNERSPACE we will match your new windows with your existing PVCu windows.

If at some point you decide to change your existing window design, INNERSPACE offer a selection of the most popular UPVC windows. We can supply your windows in virtually any colour your require such as white, mahogany and rosewood and many more. Please see the profiles below.

In most cases if you choose a similar design and colour to your existing windows then you will not incur any additional costings. If you decide to radically change your window style then you may incur additional costs. We will add any additional costs to your existing proposal.

How to order your windows

A simple 3 step process to order your windows:
1: Browse through the selection below
2: Choose your window
Click place order

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UPVC Windows for your Loft Conversion

Double Glazed PVC Windows From INNERSPACE
Double Glazed PVC Windows From INNERSPACE Loft Conversions