To gain access to a room you will need to consider the type of stair you would like. Loft ladders are not permitted to any habitable rooms.

The preferred type of stair is a traditional type with landings top and bottom with equally sized steps. Space saver and spiral are permitted in certain circumstances. In all cases suitable guarding and handrails must be provided and good headroom of not less than2m must be provided. The headroom requirement is a vertical measurement. A relaxation down to 1.8m will in certain circumstances be acceptable.

In a house, if the new staircase is constructed off a floor over a lounge or other habitable room it will be necessary to upgrade the fire resistance of the existing floor to half an hour. It is cost effective to ensure that the new staircase rises within the existing staircase enclosure wherever possible. On inspection we will advise whether it is possible or not to install the staircase off the existing landing.

A staircase fitted or located incorrectly will actually de value a property in most cases.