The Roof

Your loft may be very spacious or very small dependent on your existing roof construction. It may be a modern truss rafter design comprising of many timber sections or a traditional design with large timber purlins and rafters.INNERSPACE loft conversions will advise which braces in a traditional construction are merely construction aids or essential supports to the overall structure.

Whatever the nature of your roof , if it is intended to make alterations to the roof structure to form either dormers or roof lights it will be necessary for INNERSPACE to demonstrate to the local authority how the roof loads are effected, redistributed and supported.

Thermal insulation must be provided to the walls and ceilings pf the new rooms. The insulation must not obstruct any newly created air paths that are provided to reduce the possibility of interstitial condensation within the roof void. This is a critical part of the regulations often misunderstood and overlooked by the less experienced.