Fire Safety

This is described as the unaided evacuation of the building by the occupants and is provided principally by the stairway. The staircase at ground level must discharge to a final exit, normally the front or back door.


Recent regulations stipulate that if a new stairway discharges to the ground floor whether in a hall or room with a final exit door an escape window must be installed in all new habitable rooms at 1st floor level.



From July 2010 the guidance in the Approved document Part B-Fire Safety recommends provision of fire detection and alarm systems and that escape stairs should be protected by fire resisting construction and doors (which need not be fitted with self-closing devices). There is no-longer a reliance on suitably positioned egress windows from 2nd floor loft rooms as alternative means of escape. In most cases the local authority will accept smoke alarms in all habitable rooms including landing areas..


If the loft conversion involves a new second storey exceeding 50m square in floor area or the new second storey contains more than two habitable rooms, additional fire requirements apply.