Can my loft be converted?

YES! Most lofts can be converted; in some cases it is not practical. Your main concern is the head height of your existing property. Ideally you need a minimum of 2.2m head height in your existing loft space. Don't worry if the head height is below 2.2m, in most cases we can raise the roof, this is called a "Roof Lift".

It is still possible to carryout a loft conversion if your head height is tight. Your existing ceilings can be lowered or your structural steel work can be lowered into your first floor ceiling.

A member of the INNERSPACE team will be able to advise you. If your loft is 69" it will convert if it is 76 it will convert to a dormer, if your loft is not that high in most cases you can lower your ceilings to gain the required height.

We have developed a helpful planning tool to help you, please click below.

Planning Tool
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